In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, Everglades National Park and its partners proudly hosted the Everglades Wilderness Writing Expedition! This program engaged 10 aspiring writers and journalists, ages 18-25, on an exploration of wilderness, self-discovery and environmental writing. These aspiring writers embarked on the journey of a lifetime to discover the beauty and complexity of the Everglades wilderness.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ready, Set, Go! (by Alex Mosquera)

Tomorrow I will be starting my first writing expedition and I can’t wait!!
Sabrina, the person in charge of guiding us through the Everglades and one of the people that made is making this expedition possible, is super bubbly and so full of energy, not even her two year old can keep up with her! Hahahaha.
I’m going on a journey that will last four weeks in total. Every Saturday, 10 other students, Sabrina and some other people who are part of this project, will go on an adventure through the wilderness in the Everglades, located in the South of Florida. The last weekend of October we will be spending the whole weekend in canoes; writing and talking… and probably writing some more!
I’m studying journalism at Florida International University in North Miami, FL. When I applied to this unique opportunity I didn’t even know exactly what I was getting myself into, but I don’t regret it at all! Already the reception that took place last week on Thursday in Coral Gables was so much fun, and that was just the start! Of course, that didn’t have anything to do with being in the wild, but it made me realize how much effort Sabrina and many others have put into making this happen, so that young writers can enjoy nature in a way many will never be able to see in their lives.
I’m very excited about hanging out with other people that are as passionate as I am, maybe even more, about writing! I can’t wait to take pictures and share them with you :) 
Hopefully we won’t get bitten by too many mosquitoes!
Entry by: Alexandra Mosquera

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